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Business information on online directories — like name, address, and phone — changes up to 61 times a year, even if the business didn’t change it!

This means, at this very moment, an online registry might display the wrong location or business hours of your company. Users who see this information might be frustrated with your brand because they feel that they’ve been misled.

Worse, search engines don’t like inconsistent business information. If the data they’re being fed does not line up, they will limit your digital exposure.

Make sure that all you online information is complete and accurate across digital directories with The Complete Sales Funnel. Learn how we achieve this feat and reach out to our team.


Online Presence Management by The Complete Sales Funnel

Up to 5x Greater Exposure

We’ll distribute accurate business information to Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, and over 100 other apps, maps, and social networking platforms to increase your reach.

Control Your Online Presence

You’ll get access to a platform that locks down the business information on these apps, maps, and social media sites. And you alone can change them, ensuring consistency in all directories.

Change Business Information Easily

Modifying business hours has never been easier. You can change business hours for the holidays, announce pop-up locations, or change business names quickly, in over a hundred apps, maps, and social media sites, with a few clicks.

Display Featured Messages

Add promotional links and CTAs on Google searches, as well as YP and Yelp, so you can show your target audience your latest offers.

Creating Complete and Rich Business Listings

It’s not enough to simply promote your business name, address, phone number, and location. Business information has to be rich, demonstrating how you stand out from your competitors.

An excellent listing features an About Us section, which tells the story of your brand (because people are more drawn to stories than bland business information), business hours (so they’d know when to visit the place), and positive reviews. For an even richer experience, some features have photos of the location or the products that they offer.

Let’s craft business listings that give your target audience a glimpse of your brand and encourage them to visit your store.

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Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions that are long on promises and short on results.



We serve as your coach, too. Our team helps you understand the inner workings of digital marketing, so you know exactly what to expect from each campaign. We provide recommendations with your best interests at heart.

At The Complete Sales Funnel, we are 100% confident in our ability to give you your money’s worth. In fact, you don’t have to pay if you don’t reach Page One on Google; you only have to pay if we reach your goals. We even offer guaranteed Facebook advertising!

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